Receiver Ext & Adapters

Receiver Ext & Adapters category on RV Accessories Shop has some fantastic products.

A few of those products include:

Title: 2" Hitch Receiver 5,000 lb Towing 8-1/2" Extension Trailer Adapter acquired from Rage Powersports
Description: ptwo" Trailer hitch extender created to add eight-1/two" clearance to a recessed receiver, enabling the vehicle to transport hitch cargo products and tow trailers. The metal hitch adapter attributes a optimum 500 lb tongue bodyweight and 5,000 lb tow---Read more---|

Title: Reese Towpower 7006600 Trailer Hitch Coupler Lock from Reese
Description: Reese Towpower Trailer Hitch Coupler Lock is made to give safety to the trailer from theft. It characteristics a flat crucial layout and is produced from brass .---Read more---|

Title: MaxWorks 70355 Black Hitch Adapter provided by MaxWorks
Description: Adapter converts your 1-1/4" hitch receiver to 2" hitch receiver so you can use your cargo provider, bike racks and other add-ons.---Read more---|

Title: Master Lock 379ATPY Universal Trailer Coupler Lock by Master Lock
Description: Master Lock Universal Trailer Coupler Lock is created to provide basic safety as nicely as to stop finding and prying for the coupler. This lock matches 1 to .88 inch and two inch coupler and is chrome plated. It is straightforward to put in and is c---Read more---|

Title: 2" Class III/IV to 1-1/4" Class I/IV Hitch Adapter Insert Sleeve obtained from Rage Powersports
Description: Converts 1-1/four" Course I/II hitch products for use with two" Course III/IV receivers by reducing the two" receiver to a 1-1/four" receiver made to in shape inside a two" receiver. Contains (two) established screws that pinch on 1-1/four" hitch tub---Read more---

Please explore the category and let us know if we can add any products that you are interested in but did not find.